DIY Build Finishing Project Complete

A new service we now offer is to professionally finish DIY home-build skiffs.

In recent months the “Conchfish 16” skiff plans created by Chris Morejohn have become very popular and a home builder contacted us about using our resources and expertise to put the finishing touches on his DIY build – and we came through!

Build finishing services completed on this Conchfish 16 included:

  • High-grade marine paint spraying for slick and non-skid areas
  • Buffing and waxing to a ‘yacht quality’ shine
  • Rigging of wiring for electronics and batteries
  • Installation of hardware including new jack plate and outboard
  • Installation of all metal such as the poling platform
  • …and a few more finishing touches!

Contact us for a free quote on how to get your build looking like a showroom production skiff!